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The modern Icelandic flag came into existence in 1915. For Icelanders it is like a vision of their country’s landscape. Of the three colours of the flag, the deep blue signifies the ocean, the red the fire, and the white the ice. The cross symbolizes the Christian faith. In the sign of the cross, the colours of the Icelandic flag unite in a harmonious triad.


Edmonton’s original Icelandic Club was organized in 1934 and operated under the name Icelandic Society of Edmonton from 1976 to 2005. It is the Norđurljós (Northern Lights) chapter of the Icelandic National League. It strives to keep Icelandic cultural heritage alive through a newsletter, invited speakers, and musicians. Traditional functions include a fall supper (Leifur Eiríksson Day), Christmas party, Mid-winter feast (Þorrablót) in February, and an annual Alberta Icelandic Picnic (Íslendingamót) in June, in Markerville, home of the famous Icelandic Canadian poet Stephan G. Stephansson. The nearby Stephansson House is a fully staffed provincial historic site. Icelandic food is sold in the Kaffistofa (coffee shop) in the old Creamery, another historic site. Þorrablót is an annual dinner and dance event where favourite Icelandic foods and special entertainers are featured.


The ICCE is operated entirely by volunteers.

From the start, club members have volunteered their skills, talents, and personal perspectives to make the ICCE a vibrant and relevant organization that shares the best of Icelandic literature, music, customs, and traditions in the community. Volunteering in the club extends family connections and promotes a feeling of belonging, a sense of success, and a place to build positive relationships.

The current executive would like to thank all our our volunteers, past and present, for their vital contribution to the success of the club.