Membership Renewal time is upon us! It is time to make sure you will receive all the benefits offered by
your club:
 The several events – Thorrablot, Leif Eiriksson Days, etc.
 The free bi-monthly newspaper – Logberg-Heimskringla
 The Icelandic film series
 Our Christmas Party
 Special Tours
 Maintaining a lively connection to your Icelandic roots
All of these special benefits can only continue if you, the membership, support those hard working club volunteers whose enthusiasm keeps these things happening. In November, renewal invoices will be mailed out and we ask you to respond as soon as possible – ideally within 30 days of receipt. Anyone who sends their cheque payable to the Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton, so it is received by November 14, will save the club the cost of mailing. The fees are $15 for single, $30 for couples and families. If you do this, please indicate any changes in your family or contact information and list any dependent family names and status. Please mail

Charles Grant, Membership Secretary,
130 Rabbit Hill Court NW
Edmonton, AB. T6R 2R3
We need your payments before December 31 so we can deal with the several business formalities that depend on the number of paid-up voting members. The club sponsored Logberg-Heimskringla subscription ($48 +/=) also will be renewed in the New Year only for those whose fees are current.

Your participation can help keep the ICCE thriving by:
 Promoting the club benefits to anyone you know that may have Icelandic connections
 Participating in club activities and bringing your family and friends
 Volunteering to work on club activities.

Thank you.
Charles Grant