Do you enjoy talking to people and adding to your personal network of friends? Are you proud of your Icelandic Heritage and want to share this with others? If you have answered yes to both or either of these questions, we have opportunities for you.

Event Reminders
Two more volunteers are required to join our team of Event Reminders. These volunteers work as a team to periodically call members to invite and/or remind them of upcoming events. The Icelandic Canadian Club host events throughout the year, including Thorrablot, Icelandic National Day, Leif Erikson Dinner, Annual General Meeting, and our Christmas Celebration where we need individuals to connect with a short list of club members. Please contact Barbara Beirnes to volunteer or for more information.

Social Events Champion(s):
Do you like participating in ICCE events?
We have three events in 2017 that need an Event Champion.

Leifur Eiriksson Kvöldmatur (Dinner) is a relaxed, but vibrant gathering of our Icelandic community, including, old and young alike. The champion would be responsible for booking the venue, entertainment, caterer and assisting with selecting the menu. He/she would be responsible for coordinating the set up and take down of the tables, decorating and setting the agenda. Time requirement would be approximately 6-8 hours, (including the event). Please contact Joedy Englesby or Donna Crozier for more information.

Christmas Celebration brings together our Icelandic community to share in activities, food and good conversations. You would choose the activities for the children, hire necessary entertainment, ensure the hall is booked as well as gather volunteers to help with the set up and take down of the event. Time requirement is approximately 6- 8 hours, including the event. Please contact Carolyn Yu for more information.

Heritage Society Our Heritage Society has been involved with Heritage Days since its inception. Every August long weekend thousands of people attends William Hawrelak Park Heritage Days to experience other cultures. Volunteers meet with other members of the Scandinavian group the last Tuesday of each month starting in January to prepare for this exciting event. Preparations include, food to be served at Heritage Days. Time commitment varies. Meetings are 1-11/2 hours; Vínarterta making- 4-6 hours (depends on the number of volunteers) and the event is 3 days, worked in shifts. This is an opportunity to showcase Icelandic heritage and culture. Please contact Lorraine Ilnicki for more information.