Below are the contacts of the 2019-2020 ICCE Board and Committee Chairs. Please replace the (at) with @ when you use the email address.

President: Jón Bjarni Baldursson – info(at)

Vice President: Erla Anderson – info(at)

Secretary: Pat Dunn – info(at)

Treasurer: Marty Anderson – info(at)

Casino: Elliott Tanti – info(at)

Heritage Society: Lorraine Ilnicki – Phone 780-454-1710 – info(at)

Library: Donna Crozier – info(at)

Social & Events:  Elizabeth Tanti – info(at)

Membership: Gloria Krenbrenk – Phone 780-668-9166 – gkrenbrenk(at)

Newsletter: Pat Dunn – info(at)

Social Media: Elliott Tanti – info(at)

Phoning: Barbara Beirnes – Phone 780-424-2690

Keeping in Touch: Joedy Englesby – info(at)

Snorri & Bursaries: Tanya Hofforth – info(at)

Director at Large: Jodine Chase – info(at)

Director at Large: Susan Hallett – info(at)

Auditors: Del Sveinsson and Bev Arason-Gaudet – info(at)