Concordia Intercultural Days

January 22 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Concordia University
7128 Ada Boulevard

Contact Erla ( if you’d like to volunteer at the table, share your Icelandic items, make Icelandic food, or make a brief presentation at this event.

In 2018, the Icelandic display was hosted by Bryndís Þorarinsdóttir, Donna Crozier, Lorraine Ilnicki, and Erla Anderson. On display were items from Bryndís’ home, items and sweaters from Donna, vinarterta from Lorraine, and items from Erla’s home. Bryndís and Erla read an Icelandic poem in Icelandic and English to the crowd. Carolyn Yu, Ivan Jonsson, and Joedy Engelsby hosted the Icelandic display booth in 2017. On display were a number of Icelandic items donated for the event.

  • Lava pottery; jólasveinarnir doll, vinerterta, Icelandic handicrafts & jewellery.
  • Icelandic shawls
  • Shirley Sigurdson’s Icelandic sweaters, Icelandic horse and waterfall paintings, banner, dishes, huldufolk doll and antique ornately carved  knitting needle box.
  • Carolyn Yu’s Icelandic stone painting; silver jewelry, other Icelandic wooden handicraft & skin shoes.