Solli Sigurdson


Folk singer/entertainer Solli Sigurdson has sung traditional Icelandic folk songs and folk songs of his own composition for nearly 40 years.
His parents taught him when a child to sing Icelandic folk songs even though Icelandic was not his first language. Later in the 1960s, he began writing poetry which he then set to music, performing with a country-folk group around Gimli, Manitoba.* Moving to Edmonton in 1964, he joined the Saga Singers while continuing to perform solo Icelandic celebrations. In the 1980s, he performed with his two sons who played for violin, continuing a New Icelandic (Gimli, Manitoba) tradition of old time fiddle music. Once an educator at the Department of Education, University of Alberta, Sigurdson is now retired and continues to sing and perform at Icelandic functions around the province.
Sigurdson has a repertoire of some 30 songs which he sings in either English or Icelandic. While he plays guitar, he considers the guitar a prompt and not integral to his performance.

Sigurdson enjoys “making people feel good” with his music and is comfortable in front of an audience. He would prefer performing within a quite “story” theme setting and could accompany and enhance performances of the Saga Singers or or storytellers.

Sol Sigurdson performing at Markerville November 2005