Event Reminders

Do you enjoy talking to people and adding to your personal network of friends? Are you proud of your Icelandic Heritage or just love Iceland and want to share this with others? If you have answered yes to both or either of these questions, we have opportunities for you.

Event Reminders
Two more volunteers are required to join our team of Event Reminders. These volunteers work as a team to periodically call members to invite and/or remind them of upcoming events. The Icelandic Canadian Club host events throughout the year, including Thorrablot, Icelandic National Day, Leif Erikson Dinner, Annual General Meeting, and our Christmas Celebration where we need individuals to connect with a short list of club members. Please contact Barbara Beirnes at info@iccedm.org or for more information to volunteer. Come join us!

Volunteer Position opening

The Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton is currently looking to fill the position of Vice President for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. This volunteer position will commence after the close of the Annual General Meeting where the successful candidate will be elected (Oct to Oct). Attached is a “Job Description” to assist interested individuals in understanding the position’s duties and commitments. If you would like your name to stand for election to this position please email Donna Crozier at info@iccedm.org

Vice President Job Description

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