I, Walter Sopher, was born and raised in Riverton, Manitoba. My great grand parents were Gisli Amason and Dyrunn Steinsdottir on my Mothers side – they came to Manitoba in 1883 and settled on the west side of Hecla for 14 years and then moved to Framness. They came from Skagafjordur county. My Afi, Magnus Gislason,was born in Hecla and my Amma, Asta, daughter of Einar Stefansson and Lovisa Benediktsdóttir, came from the Arnanes district of Áustur Skaftalfells in 1904 and settled in Framnes.

Valdimar Sopher was born in Riverton in 1906 to Jónina svanborg Thorlaksdóttir (Schram) who came from Borgarfjördur, Iceland in 1889 with her parents, Thorlakur Schram and Katrin Jonsdóttir to Icelandic River (Riverton). Jónina gave my father to Marshall Sopher and his wife Halldora Thorarinsd6ttir who raised him to adulthood and he married my mother Gislina Gudrun Gislason in 1932 and they lived in Riverton. They moved to Selkirk in 1950. They have both passed away and are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Selkirk.
I left school at the age of 14, and went to work the same day, freighting from Riverton to Berens River. I stayed on the Lake for 2 years then went to work on Riverton Transfer. In 1950, my parents moved to Selkirk where I worked for 2 years and then I went into the Air Force for nearly 8 years. Here I got lots of education both good and bad. I got married in 1955 and had a large family and returned to live in Selkirk in 1960 after getting released from the service. I then worked at repairing bush planes and running a charted airline for a few years. This didn’t work out and neither did my marriage so we mutually agreed to part ways. I went to work building roads in Northern Manitoba until the company got a job in the North West Territories on the Dempster Highway and there I worked every day for 4 months and had 2 weeks back in Selkirk where I met my present wife, Julie. We moved to Edmonton in the spring of 1973 and I carried on working in the Arctic until 1978 when all the oil companies left the north as I did. I then formed my own company in 1978 and worked the oil patch in Alberta and returned to the Arctic in 1980 until the fall of 1996 when I retired. I began full time with the Icelandic Club, Norðurljós. where I carried out my way that nothing is impossible it just takes a little longer and if you don’t tell a lie you don’t have to remember what you said.
My life has had many good times and bad times, mostly self inflicted. I have been very fortunate in always having good people around me in the work place as well as in the Icelandic communities. They have all made me look good, including my wife Julie.
As they say “Yesterday is History and tomorrow is a Mystery”.

Walter Sopher